What can you expect from Everysens' network of integrations and partners?

June 27, 2022

As a rail and intermodal TMS, Everysens is deeply integrated with rail operators, wagon rental companies, the IT ecosystem, visibility software and logistics trade associations. 

Transport interacts with many other shippers' processes: it informs invoicing, procurement, customer service, etc. That's why your transport management software must be deeply embedded in your IT and business infrastructure. When choosing a supplier, you should evaluate its integrations and partner network. 

This is especially true for rail, where collaboration plays a major role. As a Rail & Intermodal TMS, Everysens is deeply integrated with rail operators, rental companies, IT ecosystem, visibility software, and shipper associations.  

Benefits of an integrated TMS

So what are the advantages of an integrated TMS?

Having a catalogue of standard integrations and partners is the guarantee of a fast and efficient implementation. 

The concept of single source of truth (SSOT) also sums up a lot of the benefits. Integrations allow us to aggregate data from many systems in one place and thus get rid of data silos. 

Why is SSOT crucial for your organisation? 

  • It simplifies decision-making. Data is unified, and you won’t need to move between different systems to get the data you need to inform your decisions.  
  • It increases productivity. The same data frequently needs to be entered into various applications. Integrations make the data flow, without any effort from your end.  
  • It enhances analysis. Analysing multiple data sources is more powerful and less time consuming when it is pulled in a single system. The goal is to draw trends and conclusions much faster.  

Everysens' partners and integrations

A TMS integrated with your Rail Operators

Railway undertakings are key partners in your day-to-day. We offer them collaborative solutions to work with you and integrate with their systems to simplify a number of processes, such as freight letter generation.

Integrations with rental companies for easy access to real-time information

Most wagon rental companies today have equipped their fleet with tracking devices. We gather, clean and enrich this GPS data, so you can have total visibility on your whole fleet, without installing a single sensor!

Member of Shipper Associations

Our TVMS (Transport Visibility Management System) is specifically designed for the industrial shipper. Being actively involved in many rail and logistics associations allows us to maintain a deep bond with the market.

Integrations to your internal IT ecosystem & intermodal software

We are continuously working on improving our connections to your internal IT ecosystem, whether to easily retrieve transactional data, push pre-invoicing information or give you more visibility on transports.