Drive your rail performance with trusted data. 

No more unknown between you and your rail and multimodal supply chain. Rigorously evaluate your performance and that of your logistics providers. Act on the identified improvement levers. Reduce your transport costs. 

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Optimise your rail performance and challenge your service providers

All that can be measured is bound to be improved. But in order to measure, it is necessary to have complete, reliable and centralised data.

In rail freight transportation, existing data is usually entered or exported in disparate Excel files. In order to extract the desired indicators, logistics managers spend long hours processing this data. But how much confidence can they place in this mostly declarative information?

Centralization, data reliability and productivity in its processing: Everysens tackles these recurring problems of rail performance analysis, thanks to a complete and easy-to-use analytics module. 

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Everysens - Ralf TMS Rail

Meet Ralf Your Digital Transport Assistant

  • Ralf your new colleague

    You are accompanied by Ralf, an Artificial Intelligence that will allow you to automate the construction of your transport plan.

  • Real-time alerts

    Ralf sends you alerts customized to your business. Anticipate hazards and proactively take action to resolve them in real time.

  • Decision-making support

    Ralf guides you in your strategic decisions with reliable and predictive information. Manage everyday incidents in the best possible way.

A configurable turnkey solution

A wide choice of partner sensors

A range of small, low cost, disposable or reusable sensors with a 5 year life span. A remote parameterization of the frequency of emission of the sensors to test your different hypotheses An ergonomic and configurable platform. Explore the life of your reusable packaging thanks to the history and alerts of immobilization, theft or maintenance. Study the logistic nodes in order to move towards optimization.

An ergonomic and customizable platform

Explore the life of your reusable packaging with history and alerts of downtime, theft or maintenance. Study the logistics nodes in order to move towards optimization.

Finally, reliable rail indicators to identify your optimisation levers and those of your partners. 

Compare planned and realised transport

Comparing planned vs realised is one of the keys to performance analysis. But very often, rail shippers only master the theoretical side.

Everysens systematizes the feedback of information from the field and enriches it to give you the insights that truly matter: completion rate, punctuality in delivery, train filling, etc.

Explore the details of each of these KPIs by filtering them by route, carrier or goods. Collaborate with your logistics partners to work together on the optimisation levers identified.

Monitor the causes of downtime in your railcar fleet

For many industrial rail shippers, the size of the wagon fleet has a significant impact on the transport budget.

In order to reduce the fleet size (and the associated costs) without risking shortage, wagons must be used as efficiently as possible.

Utilisation rate, unavailability, maintenance and breakage times per site: follow the proposed optimisation paths to understand the causes of your wagons immobilisation and specify corrective actions. 

Measure and reduce your carbon footprint

Stay ahead of the regulatory requirements: transport performance measurement can no longer ignore the CO2 impact.

Support your modal shift strategy with a reliable measurement of your carbon footprint, and of the savings achieved through rail and multimodal transport. Compare the carbon performance of your service providers.

Evaluate the effectiveness of measures taken to reduce your emissions and monitor progress towards your environmental goals. 

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Learn from past transports
to inform strategic decisions

Secure your supply chain decisions

Monitor the commitments of your rail undertakings and maintenance workshops. Thanks to reliable indicators, carry out optimisation policies without the risk of capacity shortage. 

Accurately size your fleet 

Calculate your lead time and wagon rotations to determine the optimal size of your fleet. Reduce downtime to reduce the number of wagons needed.

Manage your stock movements

Once delivered, your trains represent a rolling stock to be managed, usually manually. Your data is now updated in your ERP (SAP, Oracle etc) upon arrival at your customer's premises. Trigger the associated invoice automatically.

Reduce your CO2 emissions

Measure the carbon footprint of your logistics and explore the different levers available to you to limit it. Avoid empty miles, choose the shortest routes, optimise your fill rate. 

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