Done with the black box. Track your shipments in real time.

Don’t get blindsided by unforeseen logistics incidents. Monitor your rail and multimodal transports in real time. Facilitate collaboration around your deliveries departures, with automatic creation of legal transportation documents.  

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Take your rail freight operations
to the next level 

No one likes surprises in logistics. Congestion, strikes, works, accidents, etc: significant opportunities for value creation are to be seized, if we act efficiently on transportation hazards.

With each transport, hundreds of thousands of euros worth of wagons and goods leave your facilities. When they stop moving, you and your customers need to be informed so that you can take action as soon as possible.

With Everysens, simply collaborate with your carriers from the loading of a train to its arrival, and give your customers increased visibility on their deliveries.  


Tonnage transported
with the same fleet
Time saving on
transport steering
Reliability of ETA
Everysens - Ralf TMS Rail

Meet Ralf Your Digital Transport Assistant

  • Ralf your new colleague

    You are accompanied by Ralf, an Artificial Intelligence that will allow you to automate the construction of your transport plan.

  • Real-time alerts

    Ralf sends you alerts customized to your business. Anticipate hazards and proactively take action to resolve them in real time.

  • Decision-making support

    Ralf guides you in your strategic decisions with reliable and predictive information. Manage everyday incidents in the best possible way.

A packaged offer to optimize your operational performance

The Everysens IOT sensor

Our robust, high-performance sensors ensure a 6-year life span and operate worldwide. At a glance, know where your trailers are at all times and their availability status.

The platform

Directly integrated with your TMS, our online platform allows you to view your entire fleet in real time (inventory, availability), to be alerted of an issue and to extract an automated report.

Ensure optimal transport execution
with real-time, collaboration and AI

Pilot your transports ETAs

Monitor your transports and any unforeseen events in real time, for optimal execution. Benefit from an accurate and up-to-date ETA, for full trains as well as for single wagon loads and intermodal transport.

With the largest catalogue of European rental companies integrated into our platform as well as the declarative data of various national RUs, Everysens provides you with the most reliable rail ETAs.

Share the position and progress of their deliveries to your customers, for maximum transparency.

Automatically generate your rail transport documents 

Easily assign available wagons to a train. Order them and declare the transported tonnage to automatically generate the freight letter and send it in the right format to your RU. 

This eliminates the need for multiple data entries by your staff, resulting in greater productivity and fewer errors. This centralisation of data makes in-depth performance analysis possible.

Be alerted of anomalies in your fleet behaviour, even outside of transport

Increase the availability of your transport capacity in real time. Never deal with transport capacities shortage again. With configurable fleet utilisation alerts, get your wagons back on track. 

You can thus transport as much freight with less wagons or transport more with the same logistics, and hold your partners accountable for fleet downtime. 

Discover all the advantages of our TVMS Rail-Road solution

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Real-time control for optimum rail performance

Punctual trains, satisfied customers

Our TVMS will enable you to keep the promise of delivery to your customers and thus provide them with an optimal quality of service, thanks to an accurate real-time ETA. You will have a clear competitive advantage in your hands. 

All the information on a single tool

Why spend your time between phone and emails to detect incidents when you could already be solving them? Everysens brings you all the necessary logistical information, in real time. 

Reduce the complexity of cross-border journeys

Integrated in the European railway ecosystem, Everysens facilitates cross-border railway management. Whatever the lessor and the railway company, Everysens cleans and harmonises the data, for an accurate and reliable ETA. 

Reduce your CO2 emissions

Build confidence in the rail mode, with flawless execution. Encourage modal shift from road to rail and multimodal transport, and reduce your carbon footprint.  

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