Plan your rail transports in 3 clicks

Your rail and multimodal successes depend on the quality of your planning. In a few clicks, define a transport plan that is in line with your customer orders, feasible and optimised according to your priorities. 

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Make your rail transport more reliable
with dynamic planning

Better planning means better performance. Many incidents and transport cancellations could be avoided right at the scheduling stage. But for many manufacturers, rail planning remains a real headache.

Every week, your transport planning must orchestrate customer orders, carrier contracts, fleet availability, stock movements, site loading capacities, etc.

Everysens digitises all these constraints to automate planning for you. From customer orders to transport validation and optimisation, you can trust in Ralf! 

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of transports
 automatically planned
Time saving in
schedule creation
Time saving in
schedule validation
Everysens - Ralf TMS Rail

Meet Ralf Your Digital Transport Assistant

  • Ralf your new colleague

    You are accompanied by Ralf, an Artificial Intelligence that will allow you to automate the construction of your transport plan.

  • Real-time alerts

    Ralf sends you alerts customized to your business. Anticipate hazards and proactively take action to resolve them in real time.

  • Decision-making support

    Ralf guides you in your strategic decisions with reliable and predictive information. Manage everyday incidents in the best possible way.

A single platform to streamline all your railway operations


Define your purchasing policy thanks to predictive but realistic optimization scenarios. Get a significant ROI. Digitize your contracts. Automate your purchases.


Organise transport in a collaborative way by integrating all the constraints of your railway activity, your customers, sites and those of your RUs. Make sure that your orders are fulfilled. 


Trigger the train's departure with the digitisation of the administrative documents. Control the routing of deliveries in real time with controlled incident management.


Optimize performance and ROI across your entire chain, in terms of orders, service rates, and service provider performance.

A single TMS to streamline your entire rail planning

All your logistics partners on a single collaborative platform

Logistics is a team sport. Plan your rail and multimodal transport with your colleagues, your sites and your carriers on a single platform. No more emails, phone calls and faxes: all information is centralized in Everysens, for a quick validation of the transports. 

Intelligent and dynamic logistics planning

Let Ralf, your digital transport assistant, guide you through the process and create a schedule adapted to your business needs in a few minutes only. Ralf optimises this transport schedule according to your priorities: costs, carbon footprint, customer service, etc.

What if the constraints change? No problem, Ralf keeps an eye on your real-time data to alert you in case of risk on a planned transport. 

A centralised and harmonised planning process

More often than not, rail knowledge within logistics teams depends on one person only. How can you become more independent and spread rail-specific logistics skills?

Everysens enables you to harmonise and centralise the rail planning process. You will thus digitalise the associated knowledge, gain in maturity in this mode, and make transversal analyses possible in your company.

Discover all the advantages of our TVMS Rail-Road solution

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Our greatest successes

Everysens helps the largest manufacturers and carriers to fully exploit the potential of their flows thanks to the digitalization of their transport process, but also thanks to a follow-up and a quality support throughout their projects.

Improve your service quality and transport performance with Everysens

Transport costs reduction

A realistic transport schedule validated in advance is the guarantee of controlling your logistical resources and reducing late cancellations. You therefore reduce your investment costs. 

Modal shift to rail

The unreliability of rail freight is a major obstacle for shippers to use this mode. With optimised planning, you can finally harness the full potential of rail and reduce your carbon footprint.

Excellent customer service

The performance of your logistics starts at the planning stage. With Everysens TVMS, your customers and their orders are at the heart of the process, to always keep the OTIF delivery target in sight. 

Anticipation of logistical contingencies

Access reliable information enriched with your field data, directly on your news feed. Benefit from alerts on transport incident risks as early as the planning stage.

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