Can Everysens TVMS help my company?

June 22, 2023

Are we present in your sector or in your country/region? Who are our partners? Who are our customers? Get all the answers here.

Who are your customers?

Our clients are industrial shippers working in sectors with heavy or dangerous goods, such as steel, metals, building materials, petrochemicals, automotive, timber, cereals, beverages and the likes.

We provide our clients with a collaborative platform, which centralizes all the data related to the logistics process of rail freight, and allows them to enjoy an automated and more efficient way to manage their rail transport operations.

We currently operate all over Europe with the ambition to operate all over the world<br> 🚂🌏.

Do you integrate rail operators?

Our tool is seamlessly made for both shippers and rail operators. Carriers can anticipate transport orders and shipments in advance in order to maintain a proper flow of operations. Our solution offers the carriers with optimized transport schedules and helps them prioritize time sensitive shipments.  

Rail operators are fully integrated into our platform. We offer them a user friendly portal that can be accessed in no time, which provides real-time end-to-end visibility into all the logistics processes. For better collaboration with shippers, the platform provides efficient planning: rail operators are able to accept, deny or modify a demand for transport made by the shipper directly on the platform. We provide carriers with all the information needed to validate an order, such as origin, destination, departure/arrival dates and type of product. In addition, the platform delivers all the required data to follow-up on transport operations like ETA, asset tracking, maps and more.

So far, we’re able to onboard more than 20 rail operators: DB Cargo, Grup Feroviar Român, Fret SNCF, Europorte, T3M, RheinCargo, CFL Intermodal, CFL Cargo, CTL Logistics, ITL, GB Railfreight, Millet Rail, Captrain, HSL Logistik, RDT13, SBB CFF FFS, PKP Cargo, Hector Rail, ZSSK.

Do you manage block trains, single wagons and intermodal?

Our solution is able to plan, track and manage block trains and single wagons. Intermodal is taken into account for the rail part, and thus needs the use of another TMS specialised in road freight to be fully managed.

Discuss your specific needs with us.