Watch out for the crossing, Everysens speeds up!

May 15, 2023

Youness Lemrabet went on the set of BFM Business on Friday, May 12th to discuss with Christophe Jakubyszyn and Lorraine GOUMOT. 

"If you want your business to have an economic and environmental ROI, you need to integrate real-time transportation data into rail processes, end-to-end."

Youness Lemrabet went on the set of BFM Business on Friday, May 12th to discuss with Christophe Jakubyszyn and Lorraine GOUMOT. 

Our CEO had an important news to announce: the raising of 6 million euros to invest in our solution: the TVMS.

The digitalization of the rail freight sector is a major issue for the economic but also environmental profitability of industrial shippers, in the context of Scope 3, which consists in particular of reducing transport-related emissions.

In France, the railcar fill rate is only 65%. The main reasons for this are the lack of upstream anticipation of the constraints of each player and the absence of real-time visibility on contingencies. There are significant margins to be found!

Our approach: to propose a tool to digitalize the collaboration between industrial shippers, rail carriers and end customers to optimize exchanges between them. This new generation of TMS, the TVMS, allows to digitize the end-to-end processes to notably inject transport data in real time.

Here are some solutions that our tool offers to industrial shippers:

  • Collaborative planning: to be able to plan their transports in collaboration with rail companies thanks to a single reliable data source, the famous "single source of truth".

  • Quality of service: to be able to inform its customers of the precise dates and times of arrival (ETA), as well as the real-time location of the wagon and the goods. In case of unexpected events, one can arrange as quickly as possible to fulfill the service contract.

  • Cost optimization: identify deadlines in the management of the wagon fleet so that they can be put back into service as quickly as possible. This includes optimizing the size of the wagon fleet.

  • Transportation plan analysis: understanding actual transit times, fleet utilization rates, and wagon behavior patterns, enabling shippers to assess the stability and reliability of their transportation plans and improve their network design for future years.

  • Digitizing processes: transforming partner, rail operator, industrial and customer contracts and processes into digital contracts and processes to achieve better collaboration and consequent time and cost savings.


  • Significant improvement in service quality, economic and environmental ROI and transportation plans.
  • Greater peace of mind for operational teams who are aware of potential incidents in progress in real time, and can act proactively compared to the black box they often still work with today.

Our goals following our fundraising: 

  • Expand in Europe, and particularly in the DACH region (we are already present in France and Germany).
  • Invest in R&D, our product and new features to support our customers in their challenges.