The benefits of traceability of your logistics assets

June 29, 2021

Logistics traceability is based on the collection of data on the incoming and outgoing flows of products within the company. Thanks to real-time traceability, companies know exactly where their vehicles are.

What is logistics traceability?

Logistics traceability is based on the collection of data relating to the incoming and outgoing flows of products within the company.

With real-time tracking, companies know exactly where their vehicles are. They know in real time: where their vehicles are, what stops they have made and for how long, when they leave and the route they take. All this information is processed automatically. In short, traceability makes it possible to track the position and movements of all the company's assets using a single tool.  


The benefits of real-time logistics traceability

  • Financial gains

First of all, logistical traceability allows a reduction in financial risks. Indeed, the loss of goods is increasingly frequent because of the numerous thefts. Without GPS tracker data, it is difficult to provide useful information to the authorities so that they can conduct an investigation. The GPS tracker helps reduce this vulnerability because the company will have real-time tracking of all its assets.

  • Time savings

In addition, logistical traceability saves time because the workload is reduced, administrative time is reduced and errors are reduced. Indeed, thanks to the tracking system, all these data are automated, thus facilitating the work of the company.

  • Easy access to information

The information is monitored in real time and by everyone. The information is available on tablet, computer, laptop etc. The overview of your assets is therefore more easily accessible and collaboration easier.  

  • Activation of security alerts

In the event of suspicious activity, the company will receive a notification that will alert the company and potentially the authorities as soon as possible. Your assets and therefore your goods are protected. In addition, the alerts can provide information about the arrival and departure times of your trailers. In this way, the company will be kept informed of the successful receipt/delivery of the order without making a multitude of phone calls.

The Everysens solution for managing your assets

At Everysens we have developed a TVMS that allows real-time and collaborative visibility of your assets.

  • Customer feedback - HBH Transport & Logistics chooses Everysens solution

HBH Transport & Logistics is a group of companies specialising in international transport, transit and logistics. As a major logistics operator in the Maghreb, the carrier wanted to gain visibility on the movements of its fleet of trailers in Western Europe, as well as in Tunisia and Morocco. To do so, it decided to opt for the Everysens solution in order to have a real time follow-up of its assets. In addition, HBH receives alerts on anomalies in its fleet, enabling it to take quick decisions.  

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