How to choose the right supply chain performance management software?

September 4, 2020

In the digital age, automating your management processes is essential by taking into account several aspects: Collaboration, to collect data from the players at all stages of the supply chain. 

"You can't order productivity, you have to provide the tools to enable people to become better," Steve Jobs told us. We take him at his word.  

This remark is all the more valid in the supply chain, in an environment with multiple actors, countries and sources of information.  

In the digital age, automating your management processes is essential by taking into account several aspects: 

  • Collaboration, to collect data from stakeholders at all stages of the supply chain. 
  • Visibility, real-time and predictive, because you can't control what you don't see.
  • The a posteriori performance analysis, to address the points of tension from which your transport plan suffers

In fact, the search for productivity becomes essential in order to eliminate any time-wasting factors.  

Today, data is everywhere. And many software platforms offer analytical tools to process it and automate the time-consuming and tedious tasks involved in analyzing the performance of your supply chain. 

However, these are still limited. Their reports often provide only limited dashboards that are difficult to explore and exploit, while the objective of the logistics teams is to seek sources of optimisation via advanced analytics. This lack of data exploration from a software application often results in the downloading of raw data in excel and then exploiting the information as desired, which calls into question the very interest of the tool. 

The important thing here is to be able to analyze this information directly from the statistics tool and then interpret it. What better way to do this than to benefit from a granular view of the behaviour of its transport and assets? 

The aim of analysing your flows is first of all to detect the sources of lost time and eliminate activities that have no added value, so that corrective measures can then be put in place. 

Everysens offers its Omnilens solution, which provides you with analytics that are both valuable from a business point of view, accessible to all, and relevant to your use cases. 

To make the data accessible to you, we have upgraded our traditional reporting module to a data visualization module. The aim is to allow you, at the strategic level, to easily explore your logistics data and to gain in productivity without drowning you in complex heaps of analyses.  

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