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Plan, manage and optimise your end-to-end rail and road transport. Discover the Transport Visibility & Management System (TVMS): a TMS that integrates real-time visibility deep into your transport processes.

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Making rail and multimodal transport
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Designed for shippers and freight forwarders, Everysens TVMS digitises a range of time-consuming transport processes. From planning to execution of transport, this management software ensures proactive monitoring of your rail, road and multimodal flows, control of your transport expenses and above all an enriched relationship, by offering a quality and efficient service.

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38 000
Planned trains per year
Operational Productivity
Reduction fleet
Everysens - Ralf TMS Rail

Meet Ralf Your Digital Transport Assistant

  • Ralf your new colleague

    You are accompanied by Ralf, an Artificial Intelligence that will allow you to automate the construction of your transport plan.

  • Real-time alerts

    Ralf sends you alerts customized to your business. Anticipate hazards and proactively take action to resolve them in real time.

  • Decision-making support

    Ralf guides you in your strategic decisions with reliable and predictive information. Manage everyday incidents in the best possible way.

A single platform to streamline all your railway operations


Define your purchasing policy thanks to predictive but realistic optimization scenarios. Get a significant ROI. Digitize your contracts. Automate your purchases.


Organise transport in a collaborative way by integrating all the constraints of your railway activity, your customers, sites and those of your RUs. Make sure that your orders are fulfilled. 


Trigger the train's departure with the digitisation of the administrative documents. Control the routing of deliveries in real time with controlled incident management.


Optimize performance and ROI across your entire chain, in terms of orders, service rates, and service provider performance.

A single platform to streamline all your logistics operations


Define your purchasing policy with predictive but realistic optimisation scenarios. Create and manage your tenders on a collaborative transport platform. Digitalise your contracts. Automate your spot purchases. 


Generate a schedule that automatically integrates all the constraints of your fleet, your customers, your sites and your carriers. Validate the schedule in a collaborative manner. Make sure that all your orders are honoured. 


Start your shipments with the digitalisation of transport documents (consignment note, CMR). Follow their routing and any incidents in real time, for optimal execution.


Data is a powerful fuel for process optimisation. With the help of automated reports, improve your transport performance in terms of service rates and carrier performance.

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Our greatest successes

Everysens helps the largest manufacturers and carriers to fully exploit the potential of their flows thanks to the digitalization of their transport process, but also thanks to a follow-up and a quality support throughout their projects.

Improve your service quality and transport performance with Everysens

Hazard anticipation

Access reliable and enriched information directly on your news feed. Benefit from alerts customised to your business, in order to proactively anticipate hazards and take action to resolve them in real time with your RUs and carriers.

Optimized transport planning

Our AI-powered Ralf robot adds automated intelligence to your transport scheduling. This enables you to reduce cancellations, save time on planning, and manage your transport capacity in the best possible way.

Transport costs reduction

A realistic transport planning is your guarantee to control logistics resources and therefore to reduce your investment costs. A granular analysis of your transport performance will also help you to stay within your budgets and cut your penalties.

Undeniable lever of competition

Our Road-Rail TVMS will enable you to keep the promise of delivery to your customers and thus provide them with an optimal quality of service, thanks to an accurate real-time ETA. You will have a competitive advantage in your hands!

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