December 2, 2020

Everysens introduces Ralf: the first ever Artificial Intelligence-powered transport assistant

Everysens is a start-up company based in Lille, France, known for its SaaS solutions dedicated to managing the transport of goods in the industrial supply chain. Specialized in IoT and AI technologies, Everysens innovates again and offers today the only personal transport assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence: Ralf.

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In order to successfully manage its logistics from end to end - i.e. from customer order to delivery - an industrial company must set up numerous processes to ensure the planning and execution of its freight transport. Indeed, the transport chain requires effective collaboration with its entire ecosystem: its transport providers and its end customer in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

However, these processes, which are essential for delivery, are still time-consuming. These manual and repetitive operations (excel file, e-mail, telephone) are also very often different from one unit to another within the same company, creating significant sources of unproductivity. 

This year, Everysens goes even further in innovation, introducing an innovative technology to the supply chain market: Ralf (acronym for Robot Assistant & Labor Facilitator) the very first digital transport assistant. Powered by AI, Ralf supports operational teams in transport management and simplifies their daily tasks. 

"The supply chain is made up of a large number of players who must necessarily work together to provide a high level of service to ever more demanding end customers. The interest of an intelligence such as Ralf's is to direct the efforts of each one to anticipate problems before they become real" explains Dr. Youness Lemrabet, CEO of Everysens. 

With Ralf, Everysens enables more collaborative, real-time transport management. Thanks to customized business alerts, Ralf instantly informs each user of an anomaly in progress or an action to be taken in order to anticipate an important hazard. Ralf integrates the constraints of each service provider and draws on all this information to better propose solutions. Thus, Ralf enables proactive hazard management and facilitates collaboration between all stakeholders. 

Ralf also automates the construction of a regular transport plan thanks to predictive information and the control of field data. This Artificial Intelligence thus becomes a fully-fledged collaborator in transport management, becoming a real aid to strategic decision-making. 

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