Become the Sherlock Holmes of the Supply Chain.

March 16, 2023

If we believe the popular adage "What gets measured gets improved", then performance cannot be achieved without analysis. Quality analysis must be reliable, granular and above all actionable. This is where digital comes into its own.

If we believe the popular dictum "Everything that can be measured gets better", performance cannot be achieved without analysis. Quality analysis must be reliable, granular and above all, actionable. This is where digital technology comes into its own, in order to process large volumes of data intuitively and in a localized manner. 

If we apply this approach to the supply chain business, managing our transport resources efficiently meets two clear objectives: to do more with less and to guarantee customer satisfaction. Indeed, an efficient supply chain is based on the control of its transport plan, and even more so of the resources used to carry it out. 

Some goods cannot be transported without specific packaging or equipment, such as magnum boxes in automobiles, trestles for glass or tank cars for petrochemicals. The delivery to the customer is also often carried out by different actors (industrialists - transporters - charterers - final customer).

OmniLens, the lens that guides you in the use of your data

In the spirit of wanting to simplify the analysis of your data, Everysens has developed an ergonomic data visualization tool called "OmniLens". This software has been built with and for Supply Chain actors: from the flow pilot to the fleet manager to the Transport or Supply Chain Director.  

The goal is to enable you, at the strategic and operational levels, to easily explore your logistics data, and to gain in productivity without drowning in complex heaps of analysis. 

What exactly are we talking about?

From macro to granular vision

With OmniLens, every piece of transport equipment - wagon, trailer, skip, container or packaging - ultimately has two levels of stories to tell. 

A real-time story will tell different chapters of the day's events, whether it is the time spent in port, in the workshop or loading. Real time is written progressively on our logistics visibility platform: the GPS points are instantly transformed into information that can be activated by the flow drivers who are the supply chain managers and logistics coordinators of your company.

In the longer term, a second story, that of the Big Data and collective analysis of your performance, is being developed. The comings and goings of trailers, trestles, pallets, containers or railcars draw the flows and behavioral trends of the fleet.

We thus propose to explore your data via different "paths", each representing a specific use case. For example, as the person in charge of the transport plan, you want to point out the knots where there were the most difficulties in terms of rotations. You will therefore take the "Rotation" path. If you are otherwise in charge of the fleet, it is probably the "Use" or "Immobilization" path that will interest you. 

OmniLens allows each type of user to get a simplified view of the performance of their business, over a given scope and time period. 

Sherlock Holmes will have nothing to envy you! What are you waiting for?

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