LIDL optimises the logistics of its pallet pool thanks to IoT

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While the year 2020 was catastrophic in most sectors due to the health crisis, the major supermarket chains saw their sales jump. Driven by food purchases, they have indeed increased by 8.3% in total (source: Kantar Institute). This situation underlined the essential nature of the pallet as a logistical asset.

Managing a fleet of pallets can lead to additional logistics costs: losses, speed of rotation, clandestine exchanges, etc. With a view to economic and ecological optimisation, Lidl France has set up a logistics visibility project for its pallet pool and pallet pullers.

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  • Find out why Lidl has set up a visibility project on its pallets and pallet pullers.

  • Learn how to implement a "test" approach to your pallet fleet using IoT.

  • What are the best practices for the implementation of such a logistics innovation project?

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After 6 months of use, the relevance of the solution has been proven. Everysens stood out not only for its solution but also for its quick understanding of our needs.

Jean-Roch Salançon, Head of the Environment Unit
LIDL France