Agro-food industry

IDEO, a subsidiary of ID Logistics, is working with Everysens to connect a fleet of Danone Eaux France wagons.

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Having only fragmentary information on its transport, IDEO was faced with a lack of visibility on the arrival time of trains. In this context, IDEO chose Everysens to improve the rail deliveries of its customer Danone Waters, for Evian and Volvic products, out of a fleet of 1200 wagons rented in total.

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  • How Ideo controls its operations

  • Find out how to improve customer satisfaction with end-to-end transport visibility

  • Understand why getting real-time visibility into your transport performance is critical.

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Our customers testify

One of Everysens' strengths is his team. The success of our collaboration depends a lot on the human qualities of the people we work with. Because of their ability to think differently, to iterate in short loops, and to fully understand the business issues we face, Everysens delivered a relevant and successful solution in record time.

Mickaël Dumas
IDEO, JV of ID Logistics & Danone