HBH Transports & Logistics controls the availability of its trailers with Everysens

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HBH Transport & Logistics is a group of companies specialising in international transport, transit and logistics. As a major logistics operator in the Maghreb, the carrier wishes to acquire visibility on the movements of its trailer fleet in Europe, as well as in Tunisia and Morocco.

With 6 agencies located in Europe and the Maghreb, monitoring the volume of crossings is essential to the group's performance. To respond to this use case of international visibility in real time and on fleet management issues, HBH called on Everysens.

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  • Find out how real-time visibility increases responsiveness to new orders.

  • Learn how HBH uses the data provided by Everysens to optimise the use of its fleet.

  • Evaluate the benefits of a trailer visibility project carried out by a transporter.

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Our customers testify

As an international carrier, visibility is a major issue in improving our performance and quality of service.

Since the implementation of the Everysens solution, we are more reactive to transport contingencies and have seen a clear improvement in the management of our trailer availability.

With the data collected, we act in real time on anomalies and learn from the past to better predict the future.

Timothée Manalt - Traction & Fleet Manager
HBH Transports & Logistics