HBH Transports & Logistics controls the availability of its trailers with Everysens

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HBH Transport & Logistics is a group of companies specialising in international transport, transit and logistics. As a major logistics operator in the Maghreb, the carrier wishes to acquire visibility on the movements of its trailer fleet in Europe, as well as in Tunisia and Morocco.

With 6 agencies located in Europe and the Maghreb, monitoring the volume of crossings is essential to the group's performance. To respond to this use case of international visibility in real time and on fleet management issues, HBH called on Everysens.

How does the carrier use the Everysens Road Visibility solution? Let's find out together in this case study.

Where are my trailers? 

HBH Transports owns 80 trailers and works closely with traction companies. As owners of the tractors, they are important partners for the transport of goods.

" We entrust our trailers to hauliers, who collect and deliver our goods. While the goods are being delivered, orders are still coming in. So we need to be able to quickly locate our nearest available fleet ," says Timothée Manalt, Traction & Fleet Manager at HBH Transports.

Before Everysens, the follow-up was done manually and HBH Transports' operators spent time contacting the drivers. This obviously had consequences for planning and resource allocation: it was impossible to accept new orders when you had little visibility of future trailer availability.

The implementation of the Everysens solution has enabled us to improve the link between operators and drivers and to increase the reactivity for the positioning on new orders.

With Everysens, HBH has equipped 60 of its trailers with autonomous GPS beacons, operating on IoT (Internet of Things) networks. These sensors communicate their location in real time with the Everysens platform. No more incessant phone calls to drivers: the information is at your fingertips.

Availability is a major issue for HBH Transports, as the number of times its assets are turned over determines the number of orders the company can fulfil. That's why it's essential to keep a close eye on trailer maintenance. In the Everysens solution, HBH records the next date of the mine run. This helps in planning the allocation of trailers to customers. This way, a trailer that has to be mined is not available and cannot be assigned.

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Our customers testify

As an international carrier, visibility is a major issue in improving our performance and quality of service.

Since the implementation of the Everysens solution, we are more reactive to transport contingencies and have seen a clear improvement in the management of our trailer availability.

With the data collected, we act in real time on anomalies and learn from the past to better predict the future.

Timothée Manalt - Traction & Fleet Manager
HBH Transports & Logistics