GEFCO ensures the traceability of its fleet of trailers thanks to IoT

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Global player in the industrial supply chain and European leader in automotive logistics, GEFCO France, a subsidiary of the GEFCO Group, is deploying a complete traceability solution to ensure real-time monitoring of its fleet of trailers in its Groupage business. The logistics company chose Everysens' logistics visibility solution, which has enabled GEFCO to maximise its fleet rotations and reduce its CAPEX.

This deployment is part of GEFCO's innovation policy, making it the first European logistics group to implement a large-scale trailer traceability system based on IoT and AI. As a reference in the rail sector, Everysens is proving with this contract the relevance of its collaborative visibility solution for the road mode.

Background: visibility in road transport

Representing 90% of logistics flows, road is the most mature mode of transport in terms of digitalisation and IoT. Most players are already equipped with digital tools. However, the multiplicity of tracking tools (tractors and trailers) present on the market makes the selection of a relevant solution all the more complex.

Shippers, the principals of road transport, are demanding more and more visibility from their carriers. Without a connection between the systems of each, carriers are forced to make manual updates on a multitude of tools. In addition, the fleet optimisation provided by existing solutions remains insufficient. Everysens' Visibilité Route solution remedies this.

Traceability as a real management tool

Automated real-time inventory

Groupage is a complex business, requiring the collaboration of many stakeholders. The day-to-day management of this chain was the main problem identified by GEFCO.

The inventory represented a major source of unproductivity in the management of the fleet of semi-trailers. Carried out at a given moment, either very early in the morning or late the day before, in order to be able to plan for the day, inventories were carried out manually and in an irregular manner. Throughout the day, the operational staff have no information about the availability of assets, which makes daily management complex.

Thanks to the real-time traceability of GEFCO's trailers, Everysens offers an automated inventory in real time, thanks to instantaneous geolocation, on a national and international scale. No more early morning rounds of the fleet. By avoiding multiple, time-consuming and non-value-added entries, GEFCO's operational teams benefit from undeniable productivity gains .

Controlled maintenance

As a freight forwarder, GEFCO uses a number of subcontractors for the maintenance of its trailers. The trailers are inspected every year. If the trailer is not easily located for this maintenance, this entails criminal liability and a potential financial penalty for GEFCO.  

Transport visibility meets these challenges. Controls on time tracking, relays and destination points will enable GEFCO to better control its subcontracting, challenge rental companies on downtime, and also resolve internal availability issues related to maintenance.

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The real-time visibility and analysis provided by the Everysens solution not only allows us to gain productivity on daily tasks, but also to control the performance of our fleet.

Mathieu Jouan, Transport Procurement Manager France