Real-time ETA for end customers? It's happening!

December 6, 2023

From now on, thanks to artificial intelligence that predicts the estimated time of arrival (ETA), end customers are informed of the precise arrival time of their order.

Unsurprisingly, knowing the precise arrival time of your merchandise is key information for your end customer. Above all, it contributes greatly to customer satisfaction.

However, until now, the information provided to customers was limited to the forecast arrival date of the shipment. Customers did not benefit from the visibility part of TVMS. This is now a reality. 

Today, thanks to artificial intelligence that predicts the expected time of arrival (ETA), customers will be informed of the precise arrival time of their order.

And the quality of your own service is enhanced, improving de facto your SLA performance.

Three key benefits for your end customers

1- Greater transparency

ETA functionality provides an unrivalled level of information. Customers can track the status of their shipment in real time, from origin to destination, with details such as order reference, scheduled departure and arrival date and time.

"In advance" if the ETA is earlier than the scheduled arrival date.

"On time" if all goes according to plan

"Delay" + number of hours of delay in other cases

2- Taking preventive measures

Thanks to real-time ETA, customers can anticipate possible delays and take preventive measures. This increased visibility enables better planning and avoids unpleasant surprises.

3- Notification in case of significant delay

Customers will receive an in-app notification if the ETA is more than 2 hours after the forecast arrival date and time. This proactive alert allows customers to take immediate action to mitigate any negative impact.

Learn more about ETA calculation within the TVMS platform.