Integration and connectivity: everything you need to know

July 13, 2023

Does Everysens connect to SAP? How do we integrate into your business? All the answers are here!

How does Everysens integrate within our workflows?

One of the first perks of being an Everysens client is that you get access to a dedicated integration team who has been exposed to numerous business scenarios. They will gladly advise and walk you through the integration.

How long does the deployment of your solution take?

It is important to note that every customer situation is unique. However, looking at our deployment history in our industry segments, it is safe to provision a three-month window. Depending on the constraints that might exist at your end in terms of Subject Matter Expert availability, your own IT roadmap constraints and competing business priorities, we will of course be flexible in terms of timing. We are constantly working on improving the deployment velocity and quality of our business-critical solution.

Are you connected to SAP?

We are. Most of our clients are running SAP. As such, we collect Orders (Sales/Purchase/Stock Transfer), Deliveries (Mostly outbound), and/or Shipments. These transaction data are then replanned and enriched via our AI assistant Ralf, before being dispatched to the different stakeholders involved in the rail transport chain. As the execution progresses, statuses are communicated back to SAP to have both systems in sync in near-real-time. Specific business scenarios will depend on your own business processes and/or orientations.

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