Rail freight: simply plan your transport in Europe

September 6, 2023

Find out how to plan and track your rail transport throughout Europe, thanks to Everysens.

Plan and track your transport with Everysens

The Everysens platform is divided into several modules: planning, execution, tracking and cost validation.

Transport begins in the planning module. First, the shipper receives an order from his customer (internal or external), from which he creates a transport order, in which the shipper specifies the type of wagon he wishes to use and the terms of transport. Once the order has been created, all the parties involved are informed: the shipper himself, the originating site, the carrier (rail company) and the destination site. The aim is to enable all these players to work together: the originating site can, for example, inform the shipper that it does not have enough product in stock to meet the order, the rail company in charge of transport can inform the shipper that its transport is not possible on these dates due to roadworks, the site and/or the carrier can also submit counter-proposals, etc.

Also, this is where our artificial intelligence, in the guise of RALF, comes in, optimizing the chosen route and train composition. When all the players are in agreement, the transport order passes into the "execution" module. 

In the execution phase, the train composition can be entered into our platform and sent to the carrier, who may or may not validate it, depending on wagon availability. Thanks to our integration with several rail carriers, this validation can be carried out directly via the Everysens platform. The carrier then automatically receives the train composition and the consignment note corresponding to the shipment in question.

Finally, the transport passes through the tracking module when it is ready to be dispatched. Shortly before the train's departure, Everysens uses the GPS data received by the wagons to check that they are in position for departure. During the entire journey, the wagons are tracked using GPS data transmitted by individual sensors on the wagons. This enables Everysens to notify the shipper in real time of any hazards affecting his train: whether it is running late or early, and when it leaves its departure point and reaches its destination.

Note that this process is possible for both full and empty cars.

Keep an eye on your mileage

For each wagon tracked by Everysens, a monthly report is produced to calculate the number of kilometers covered. These reports are saved in the platform, and can also be tracked on an annual basis. This feature enables our shipper customers to better track the mileage of their wagons, and potentially optimize their fleet with leasing companies. In particular, if the data show that wagon utilization is too low in relation to the established rental contract: it is then easier for the shipper to reduce his fleet or optimize its use, with the aim of improving efficiency and reducing logistics costs.